Patriots vs. Redskins: Quick Takeaways


After five years of waiting and waiting (more like not feeling the need to go to a game) I attended a Redskins game, albeit their preseason opener against the New England Patriots August 7.

To my disappointment I didn’t get to see Tom Brady in action against a rejuvenated Redskins defense and Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson run with Robert Griffin III and the Redskins’ first team offense.

Nonetheless there was a lot to take from this game, a 23-6 victory for the Redskins.

1. RG3 a work in progress on pocket awareness

For his strong words this offseason about how he became famous because of his arm instead of his legs, Robert Griffin III still looked like a young, uncomfortable quarterback under center. On the second play of the game, he had newcomer Andre Roberts running unguarded across the middle of the field but decided to check it down to tight end Logan Paulsen for a four yard play. He never really looked past his first read, mainly running back Roy Helu Jr.,  the other times he threw on the 12 play drive, which ended in a Kai Forbath field goal. Hopefully having Garcon and Jackson back for the next game will give RG3 a little peace of mind.

2. Defense looks strong-for now

Having said that, it’s a little different playing against Ryan Mallett than it is a three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback. Mallett was erratic at times and made some ill-advised throws. Those were issues mostly brought upon by the Redskins front four, along with linebackers Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo. Kerrigan was a force in the run game and on his sack of Mallett, Orakpo absolutely bull dozed left tackle Nate Solder. Both players already are benefiting from defense coordinator Jim Haslett’s freer scheme. The secondary didn’t give up a ton of big plays, but it’s still early. More impressed with the line pressure than coverage play.

3. Ryan Grant can get open

All that was said about rookie wide receiver Ryan Grant (Tulane) leading up to this game was true. Guy looked smooth coming out of routes and almost every pass play that I saw, he was open or had considerable separation on a defensive back. Can see that he is still building a rapport with backup quarterback Kirk Cousins in particular. Cousins had two consecutive opportunities to hit Grant for a touchdown on the Redskins’ last possession of the first half but failed to even get the ball near him. As the weeks progress, look for Grant to get more opportunities (hopefully) with the first team.

4. Third running back spot competition getting very interesting early on

We all know that Helu Jr. is the backup to started Alfred Morris and judging by his performance against the Pats, his job is safe for now. Coming in, all eyes were on second year man Chris Thompson and his versatility. He didn’t disappoint as he had some nice runs in between the tackles and showed his catching ability outside the backfield. Undrafted free agent Silas Redd was strong as well, breaking off some nice runs in between the tackles and showing a bit of shiftiness as he broke upfield on a couple of runs. The guy who impressed me the most though was Lache Seastrunk. So much burst goes into his runs. Didn’t really bust it inside the tackles that much but his ability to juke defenders on the outside and still gain positive yardage made up for that. Reminded my friend Matt of LeSean “Shady” McCoy. Can’t say I don’t agree with him. Stay tuned.

5. I’m only drinking water during games

I’m sorry, $9.50 for a beer and $12 for a fries and chicken tender combo?? C’mon FedEx, we know you can do better than that. Luckily I wasn’t really craving a Coors or a Miller Light.



Coming soon


I know I haven’t posted anything in like a month, but graduation and a tremendous life transition can take your mind off blogging a little bit.

I’ll be posting something later on this week, so be on the look out for it!!


P.S. It’ll most likely be on my trip to Italy last month

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Creating good content for your site


One of the topics for my seminar class this week was creating good content for your site.

Creating good content depends on who your audience is.

If your audience has varied interests, you can play around with what you want for your site.

If they have selective interests, maybe two or three things they are interested in, then you have to narrow your focus. You have to figure out how much you post about each subject. Which one holds more interest with your audience, which one holds the least amount of interest.

I came across this site that helps you figure that out and much more:

Give it a read and apply it to your site.

You never know who is reading!


Wizards a game away


With my roommate hogging the TV playing Call of Duty, I really haven’t been able to watch the Washington Wizards’ first round series against the Chicago Bulls.

Highlights on and have helped ease the pain a little.

Sunday April 27 was Game 4 in the series and once again, I was nowhere near a TV watching the game.

I was covering a doubleheader of the Delmarva Shorebirds and I didn’t get done until 7:30 that night.

Watching the highlights on, you could tell the Wizards were playing inspired basketball. They started the game up 14-0 on the Bulls for goodness sake!

Trevor Ariza was hitting 3 after 3…Mr A3za as he is going to be affectionately known in D.C. for the rest of his life had it going all game long.

John Wall was pushing up the ball almost at will.

Bradley Beal was getting through the lane and making pull up jumpers like it was practice.

The Bulls just looked helpless. They did cut the lead to 6 at one point in the first half, but the Wizards were able to take it to another level and keep them at arms length for the rest of the game.

This has been a competitive series thus far so the Bulls still have a chance come Tuesday night (April 29).

But to get dismantled like that in a game they needed to even the series going back to Chicago does not bode well for them.

Wizards will close it out, in exhilarating and min-heart attack fashion, in Game 5.




D.C. Sports Fandom: Wizards Edition


After tonight’s 102-93 over the Chicago Bulls, the Washington Wizards are three games away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the first time since May 2005.

That’s almost a decade without any real playoff basketball success for the Wizards (don’t count the three other first round playoff exits during the Big 3, pre-gun Gilbert Arenas case era as successful seasons).

Watching that 2008 debacle against the Cavaliers, even though it went to 6 games, was terrible. That Wizards team was completely outgunned with Gilbert and Caron Butler being out and LeBron James was crab dribbling his way to greatness with the Cavs (obviously he’s gotten a little better since then).

Then came the four years of just painful, awful basketball that made it really hard to be a Wizards fan. The lottery was almost beckoning them to come back every year.

This 2013-2014 season has been a huge reprieve for the hometown team and its fans. John Wall made his first All-Star team. Bradley Beal wasn’t getting hurt every five minutes. Marcin Gortat ended up being one of the best offseason acquisitions by any team all season. The team just jelled.

They finished in 5th place in the Eastern Conference and got matched up with the Bulls.

Everyone in America, not counting the DMV, was picking Chicago to win the series with one media pundit suggesting a Bulls sweep.

Now, tonight was just one game and you don’t prove the haters wrong after 48 minutes. They did have to come back and win it after all.

I think the Wizards can make some noise in this series, especially by stealing home court away from Chicago. They can’t come back every game to beat the Bulls and Wall and Beal obviously need to play much better than they did tonight.

The X-factor for this series is Nene. It will be him and Gortat vs. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah. Gortat can limit Boozer on both ends all series long but Noah might have a game or two or three where he is on fire, particularly on the offensive glass (noticed I didn’t say anything about points) and Nene will have to match him. Hopefully Nene is 100% ready to do that.

So, my question to all my Wizards fans and NBA fans is: should the Wiz Kids be trusted in this series? Can they put aside all the bad luck D.C. sports has had since who knows how long and win this series?


Really Awful Ledes


I don’t know everything nor do I pretend to.

I chose writing/journalism as a career in Fall 2012. When I first started writing, my ledes were unoriginal and unimaginative. I usually skipped writing my lede until the end of the article and by then, my brainpower to create a captivating lede was gone.

Since then, I have taken journalism classes, I have learned about structure and every time I have written a lede, they have gotten better and better. But it’s still something I can work on and as I continue to pad my journalism resume, that’s pretty exciting.

So in many ways I can relate to the article below in which journalists posted the worst ledes they have ever written. Some of the ledes happen to be from their very first articles.